Thursday, February 09, 2012

{9} facebook

well, i wanted to create something on the computer today. so, tried. it did not look good. definitely not worthy of using for only day 9 of this project. maybe on day 217, i would go "yes. ugly, but it's something." but, i'm not willing to give in quite yet.

so, today's name comes from my facebook page. everyone else's facebook profiles seem to be updated to this new fandangled timeline view (or whatever it's called) but mine is still old school. fine by me. it takes forever to load those other views anyway. i still do love me some facebook. i log on at least once per day. ususally in the evening but i've been known to surf over my lunch break at home or even before work in the morning. i love staying connected with people that i may not get to see in person as often. it's such a wonderful tool and i love social networking.

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