Wednesday, February 15, 2012

{15} snow

i have a sneaking suspicion that i will use snow as a medium again sometime but in a different way so i will leave this post's name just that vague.

the good news is that it has been so warm again lately that i've started running again! yeah! i started running in the fall of 2009 but after injuring myself quite badly in florida while on a run, i have found it hard to get back in the habit. i tried running a bit last summer but now that 75 pounds are off my frame, it's easier than it used to be. so, little by little, i'm building up my endurance. maybe by the time "real" spring comes, i'll be much better at it. i still have dreams of doing a marathon some day.

today's name comes courtesy of my back yard and a stick. woohoo. george and i were playing with his ball in the backyard and there wasn't a lot of snow that was still untouched but i found just this little nook of smooth snow. unfortunately the shadow from the fence is casting a strange glow...actually creating the letters and then hanging them from a tree branch or from the fence and taking a picture of my name in shadow is a fantastic idea. notebook!

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