Saturday, February 11, 2012

{11} badges

a few days ago my mom uncovered this ice cream pail full with badges that my brother had collected in his childhood. there were so many awesome ones like from the Expo '86 in Montreal, Curling badges from the mid-60s that my dad earned, Smurf Ice Capades or some vintage Superman ones. they were so much fun to sort through and then my mom suggested that i use the badges for my medium today and i thought it was a great idea too. my mom has been super supportive with this project and is coming up with more and more ideas on a daily basis. between her and my "365 days of creativity" book, i feel pretty confident that i can complete this project.

george's involvement: i had finally laid out the "LAUR" and george heard a noise at the door and went racing THROUGH all the badges i had just finished laying out. they were a mess. i had to actually start from scratch again. then he just wanted to be fully involved again so i had to try to keep him distracted but still close to me that i could supervise him from messing anything up. :)

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