Tuesday, February 14, 2012

{14} conversation hearts

happy valentine's day! i shall eat myself silly with candy today (well, after my freezing wears off from THREE fillings i had this morning...probably the result of indulging on candy last year on valentine's day). c'est la vie.

conversation hearts are my second favourite candy. my first favourite candy is banana marshmallows. they are my equivalent to drugs. or alcohol. i was addicted. i have not had one now since sometime in 2010 and my hips are probably thankful for that. i really have not had much candy but when i saw this bag of conversation hearts at the store, i couldn't resist. i just went and bought them. bad, lauren! bad! oh, well. i'll be better tomorrow.

oh, and let me please address the fact that some people think it's funny to say to me "happy national single awareness day". now, don't get me wrong, i love being single. i really do. i love the independence and lack of drama that comes along with not being attached to someone. so, because of this, i do not like if people think that i'm at home today moping and crying and overeating on chocolate (even though i am planning on overeating on conversation hearts). because i'm not. this is the life that was laid out for me and i'm okay with that. if you're in a relationship and you're happy, then good on you! really, i think that's admirable. but, people who are single can be equally as happy too.

oh, i should show the picture(s) now:

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