Sunday, June 03, 2012

{124} camouflage

today i decided to grab a piece of paper, my pail of pencil crayons and head outside. so, for a good 40 minutes i sat on my lounge chair colouring today's name in a camouflage print.

i started off by just free-handing the letters of my name first and then i grabbed two other pencil crayons and started drawing these shapes. it was a whole lot of drawing and colouring and my hand was totally cramping afterwards. just using the word "hand" again is making me appreciate so much what my hands are capable of. they are the mediums that i use to create. reminds me of a quote: "i craft because my hands get jealous of all the work my brain does." true story. :)

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  1. Hi Lauren,

    I host a radio show on CJOB called Your Life, Unlimited and I would like to highlight 365 - would you be interested in chatting about it? LEt me know! Thanks!