Friday, June 08, 2012

{CJOB} radio interview

Well, I just did my first radio interview about my project! That was exciting. I had understood that the interview would take place on June 22 so I wasn't even thinking or planning what I'd say yet so I was TOTALLY caught off guard. But, it went great and I really enjoyed it.

So, I'm just sitting on the couch watching TV and the phone rings. Blah. Don't recognize the number. Then it calls again and again. Finally, I'm, like, 'you don't think it could be CJOB, do you?' So, I answered the phone and it was the producer saying that I would be on right away! I was SO surprised and panicked and nervous but I said "Yeah, I mean I'm not ready, but I'll go for it." And, it was great.

So, the show is called "Your Life...Unlimited" hosted by Stephanie Staples. She was fantastic and totally put me at ease immediately (especially since I was unprepared). She asked some questions about what my project is and how far I am and what is the most difficult part of the project and what my most creative name has been. It was fun. Now I just need to find a way to download that audio file to share it and save it.

Super cool! If you're reading this Stephanie...thanks! It was great!

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