Saturday, June 16, 2012

{137} tattoo

first of all, is it tatoo or tattoo? i'm the world's foremost expert on spelling but there are still words that totally get me hung up like that. drives me nuts.

since i was golfing yesterday i didn't have a chance to check out the summer in the city action. so, today carrie and braved the very dark clouds and went towards the downtown for the annual festival. it was sunny and then not sunny. hot and then not hot. rainy and then not rainy. windy and then not windy. i was very confused on how i should be dressed the whole day. but, we had a great time. checked out all the vendors and got to hear a lot of great musical acts. topped off by one spectacular rain shower that drenched us during the ukranian dancers' routine. all in all, it was a fantastic day.

carrie and i have a history of always getting henna tattoos when we go to different festivals (we've also frequented harbourfest in kenora and the morden corn and apple festival). this time though she sat out but did give me the best idea ever--get my name henna tattooed! brilliant idea!

i asked the very kind woman if she would do that for me and she said sure! i spelt out my name and she wrote it. i love it. now the cake-iness is all worn off and the colour is starting to darken. unfortunately this means that i'm going to have to wear my suit jacket all week to hide it, though. :) great day with friends! erin and cara, you guys did an AMAZING job coordinating the cultures in the city. awesome awesome.

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