Tuesday, June 05, 2012

{126} leaves

why is it that when i decide to turn to nature for my inspiration, the name never comes out quite as i'd expected (see #90). i thought it'd be neat to cut the letters out of six leaves that were still attached to the tree. but my first few attempts were total fails because i kept accidentally snipping the whole leaf off the branch. finally, i was left with an okay version that i was going to settle for.

my flowers are all planted for the year and i just love tending to them. i wish i had an actual garden so that i could putter away in there every evening but for now my pots of flowers will need to suffice. i just love to dead-head and water and arrange them nicely. then i totally got carried away yesterday and suddenly i'm cutting down branches and weeding behind my fence and just going nuts! i always get these spurts of energy that make me feel like i could life a car. :)

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