Wednesday, June 20, 2012

{141} license plate

i'm beginning to sense that on every day that there is a blue bomber game, my name will have something to do with the team. that sounds like a great idea, in fact. i shall try it out. i already have two ideas for another two blue bomber-themed names!

i was one of the originals when it comes to blue bomber license plates. in fact, it wouldn't surprise me if i was the first person in manitoba to pick up their new license plates in june 2011! i have the original blue ones  not these new fandangled gold ones. even though i like the gold plates better, i like that it shows i'm not a bandwagon jumper and i was an original trendsetter. :)

sadly, i will not be at the pre-season game tonight. i gave up my seat to my mother--even though it is supposed to rain tonight! i hope she'll be okay. i haven't missed a pre-season game in 10 years. i always go because we always get buddy seats so i take someone with me. last year, i took brant and sean with me to be seat buddies! we were going to make it an annual tradition but because our season tickets arrived so late, we never got the chance to exchange the buddy passes for tickets. oh, well. maybe we can go to a game later this season (or next year in the new stadium--fingers crossed).

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