Thursday, June 28, 2012

{149} dominos

i was at the local thrift store today to look for pyrex. but i also wanted to check out their games section for the off-chance that i could find an old lite-brite there. no luck. so, then i like to look through all the games and see what kind of names i could make out of some of them. then i spotted a bag of dominos and i thought that'd be a great idea! except, even better, i found a tin of Cars dominos. this was perfect because karen's nephew is hugely into Cars and i knew i could re-gift the dominos as soon as i'd used them. sold!

yes, i went through the painstaking process of actually making sure that i did not just simply lay out the dominos, but that i actually went through the effort of making sure they connected properly--as a domino should. success!

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