Saturday, June 02, 2012

{123} the avengers

so, last night i went to see "the avengers" with my good friend cara. i'm not into these superhero-type movies but i wanted to see it because it's, like, the biggest movie of all time. at first when i heard the movie was coming out, i thought "there's a movie i'll never watch" because i remembered that when "x-men" came out six years ago, i went to see it only because the guy i was dating at the time was totally into that sort of thing. i spent the entire movie going "huh?" and walked out of it even more confused then before it started (kinda like how the relationship ended too). rabbit trail! anyway, i prefer funny movies and light-hearted comedies or the occasional drama but action is just not my thing. like, the final two harry potter movies are about as much as i can take. but...

i really enjoyed "the avengers". i'm not going to go all marvel (side note: my nephew completely annihilated me when i pronounced it mar-vell instead of marvel, like marble but with a 'v') because of it, but it was a good movie and had enough funny moments to carry me through. plus, it totally had jeremy renner in it and he is totally smokin' hot. love!

anyway, back to the whole name thing. at first i was going to hand draw my name and incorporate the avengers logo but i thought twice about all that work and decided to just download a free avengers font instead. then came the "lauren" in place of the marvel logo and finally the cherry on top was a gratuitous picture of jeremy renner as hawkeye. yes, please.

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