Saturday, June 09, 2012

{130} movies

crap. i'm just realizing that i called this post "movies" but the first picture is not a's a tv show. oh, crap. well, i'm gonna leave it as is. i thought to myself "oh, this will be easy! take a picture of six dvds that start with the letters of my name." well, who knows of a movie that starts with a "u" other than "u571"?? so, i got creative and decided to use the word "you" from one of my favourite movies, "you've got mail."

"apollo 13" is my favourite movie of all time. i've seen it well over 150 times and own FIVE copies of it (3 dvds, a vhs, and a digital version), two copies of the book (one in hardcover, one in original paperback), and three soundtracks (cassette, cd, digital). yup, i love it. i hope to include it in this proejct more but i haven't figured out that balance quite yet. so, until i do that, i shall hold back just how i became obssessed with the movie and where it's taken me.

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