Sunday, June 03, 2012

dye, hair! dye!

Dear Hair: Be prepared to dye. I thought we had a deal. I promised to keep you current with a funky cut and you promised to keep the grey away. You betrayed me. Seemingly overnight you sought your revenge on the sides of my head. Dye, hair! Dye!

I just posted the above message to my hair on Facebook but it was worth permanently documenting on my blog as well. What is up with the grey?! I only turned 30 six months ago and as I was passing by the mirror in my entrance, I got a glimpse of just how awful the grey had become on the sides of my head! I'd noticed a few grey strands over the last few  weeks but it didn't bother me. But, I guess the lighting in my entrance is different and I suddenly saw what the rest of the world must've been seeing! Why didn't anyone tell me?! It's awful. My mom didn't get grey hair till she was much older and even now, at 67, she barely has any. This is awful. My nearly 37-year-old brother doesn't even have grey! What am I to do? Thank goodness I had a spare box of dye under the bathroom sink that has saved me from this travesty. Oi oi oi.

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