Monday, June 18, 2012

{139} killing time on the computer

killing time on the computer lead to this. after posting this name i realized it looked completely and totally screwy on my blog. so i screen-printed my draft so that it was proof that it, at one point, looked like my name! lol

LL                AAA            UUU         UUU      RRRRRRRRR   EEEEEEEE   NN       NN
LL             AA   AA         UUU         UUU      RRR         RR     EEE                NNN   NN
LL            AA      AA         UU          UU         RRR        RR      EEE               NNN    NN
LL           AAAAAAA        UU         UU          RRRRRRR        EEEEEE        NNNNNN
LL          AA           AA         UU     UU           RRR    RR          EEE               NN    NNN
LL         AA             AA         UU   UU            RRR      RR        EEE                NN     NN
LLLLL AA               AA          UUU                RRR        RR     EEEEEEEEE NN       NN

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