Friday, June 22, 2012

{143} flour

food again today? yup. that's how i've been rolling lately. it seems that all i think about is food lately--healthy good food that won't make me sick. i've lost 6.2 pounds in the last two weeks which is a lot but also fantastic because it means i'm finally cleansing my system of all those awful toxic foods i'd been eating for the last few months. it feels good to be rid of the toxins (and extra pounds!). sadly, i'm still two pounds overweight so i really want to get rid of at least another 6-8 pounds so i am more comfortably in the "normal" range.

anyhoo, so i made muffins just now on my lunch break. see two posts ago for the recipe. i only remembered to make my name afterwards, so i wrote my name in the spilled flour.

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