Tuesday, June 19, 2012

{140} tealicious jewelry

is it jewelry or jewellery? hmmm. spell check likes both.

teal is my most favourite colour. i have a whole board on pinterest devoted to the colour. teal is my favourite jewelry colour, eyeshadow colour, shirt colour, everything colour. and, yet, i don't have any teal rooms in my house. shall get on that asap!

in my jewelry closet (yes, i have a closet) i have a whole wall devoted to all teal jewelry. they are always my go-to pieces. so, i thought i'd do my name with some of them today!

the piece below i received from erin after she and andrew returned from russia and i had house-watched for them while they were away. she presented it to me following a football game at the tim hortons on kenaston (i remember everything!). it's so gorgeous. definitely one of my faves.

the piece below i received from a. eleanor after she did an ESL trip to the ukraine several years ago. i love this one too. i think i probably wear this piece the most out of all my teal jewelry because it hangs at just the right height. :)

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  1. Jewelry in American English, jewellry in English English. (Joolery in ignorant English)