Sunday, June 17, 2012

{138} father's day

today's post comes courtesy of my dad! my mom made my name on mother's day so it was only fitting for my dad to make my name on father's day! can't wait to share the results of his hard work!

given my recent successes with golf (*wink! see day 136), my dad decided to create my name using golf balls! he even had to go to canadian tire to get another bag of golf balls just to do this--i'm so proud of him! AND, he came up with this idea himself--no help from my mom. i'm so super proud of him.

he is the greatest father ever. he is ALWAYS my number one fan. he is my number one supporter. he is my number one encourager. he always has the right advice for me (even if i don't always listen to it). he is my hero in every way that a daughter wishes her dad could be. i don't know how any other dads can live up to him. he has taught me right from wrong. he has taught me the value of family and faith. he's an incredible grandfather and still acts like he's a kid with them. he is always an example to his children and his family of how to handle situations with class, dignity and respect. he has earned crazy amounts of respect among people in this community (this daughter is super proud of him). he lets me make mistakes and then doesn't hold them against me. he tells the lamest jokes ever. he knows a lot of random stuff (like who invented the vaccination for smallpox). he kills all the spiders in the house that i scream about (he even shows up at 11:30pm to kill the big ones that gross me out too much). he takes me to all the blue bomber games i want. he helps me by taking care of george on days i cannot. he even says things like it is an honour being my father. he always tells me that he loves me. he is truly amazing. he is the best dad in the whole entire history of the world. no question. love love love him.

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