Monday, June 04, 2012

{125} paint swatch

my house is eleven different colours so, naturally, i have a lot of different paint swatches left over (can't throw them away because i knew they'd have a purpose some day!). i wasn't quite sure how i wanted to use them and perhaps they'll get used in another way on another day but today i just used my x-acto knife and cut letters out of one such swatch.

so, about these eleven they are: entrance-yellow, kitchen-red, dining room wall-green, bathroom-brown, office-beige, craft room-pink, bedroom-black and blue, main areas-white, living room-purple and beige (a different beige). now, i do need to confess that my living room has since changed to two different shades of blue, white, red and beige and the dining room wall is now white but it's still a lot of colour that i'm left with. when i bought this house i was so excited to just paint everything--it was all beige except for the kitchen which was an ugly green. i love my house so super much. AND, i love to paint!

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