Wednesday, June 27, 2012

what {next}?

even though i'm not even half way through this project, i'm already thinking about what's next.

like, i think once this project is done, i'm going to compile all the pictures into one of those awesome coffee table books that my friends, andrew and erin, have done for all their trips. that'd be a great keepsake.

but, i'm also thinking of a project for next year. i think i'll even begin on january 1, though my names project won't be complete until february 1. a little overlap is okay. some of the ideas i'm toying with are:
- drawing a day (of someone i know? of an inaminate object? of a scene from my day?)
- song a day (write a post about one song in my iTunes playlist each day)
- perform a song (lip-synched performance?)

i have really enjoyed drawing but i also love performing so i'm wondering what to do that could possibly combine them both. oh, well. i have 218 days to decide.

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