Friday, June 08, 2012

{129} barren tree

i've attempted to draw this barren tree before but then i got carried away with it and totally messed it up. today, i decided to try again. rather than colour it in and add leaves (which is what was my downfall last time), i decided to leave it at just a simple pencil drawing instead.

in hindsight, it's looking a little sad. oh, well. that's the challenge with this project--some days are just simply going to be much more ambitious and others are going to be half-hearted because it has been a long day or i'm up early or i'm running late or i simply don't want to colour any more! what an incredible challenge this project has been. i'm already thinking about next year's project--i totally think i know what i'm going to do but...i still have 238 days to decide.

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